Bespoke Burlap Favor Bags Nautical Beach Theme Wedding Shells

Handmade in United Kingdom by Inspired4u.

Shells differ from each other in color, shape, dimension. Some of them could be bigger than other, darker in colors, lighter, they are hand picked from the beach i live nearby. Been inspired by the sea and decided to make a new collection from our big range of favor bags.

25 X Burlap Hessian small sack, favor bags with sea shells glued to the bags.

SIZE of the bags approx 9 x 15 cm.
String included for tying approx 35 cm.

Please allow 3-5 days to make and dispatch the bags.

For more styles and sizes of favor bags, please do not hesitate to have a look in our shop, you will be impressed.

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We get inspired by your wishes!


Love it!

What a great idea! About time for a nautical theme :-)

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