Tissue Paper Garland Gold Turquoise Lilac Gatsby

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Tissue Paper Tassel Garland Party Birthday Decor, Wedding Venue Decorations.

This is a hand cut tissue tassel by Inspired4u.
Can be bought as a DIY pack, or assembled.

DIY Pack:
The tissue paper coming hand cut for you to assemble. 
The package includes 3 tissues paper turquoise, 3 lavender tissues, 3 white, 3 gold. (CUSTOM WELCOME)
Please be aware these are hand cut, so each strip differ from each other. 
Twine included 2 meters.

The Assembled garland, will come in the same colors, 3 tassels of the colors stated above.

***Please be aware, due to being tissue paper, the assembled garlands can get creased, especially international deliveries.

Instruction how to assemble the garland can be found on internet, soon we will have our own video how to assemble them. 

The package will make 12 tassels.

Materials: tissue paper, twine.

Custom color options are available! 

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